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Hunting In New Zealand

At Kiwi Safaris we offer only the very best hunting on our own private properties, where outstanding trophies are regularly taken.
In fact we are the ONLY outfitter in the country that can hunt all South Is species [Excl Whitetail] on our own, private land and all from the one lodge. This maximizes your hunting time, as there is no travel time shifting camp to hunt other species mid-hunt.

All trophies are eligible for the SCI record book. Each year we consistently take a number of red stags and wapiti (Elk) bulls that score over 500 SCI.

text image3King of the Mountains

At Kiwi Safaris, we believe the Himalayan tahr epitomizes the best of New Zealand hunting.  A magnificent animal, the tahr thrives in a rugged environment and is always challenging to hunt.  We pride ourselves on offering the best of free range tahr hunting.  And one thing is certain - a successful tahr hunt is definitely the experience of a lifetime.  

Spoilt for Choice

Added to the tahr, New Zealand provides the opportunity to hunt huge roaring red stags, the huge bull elk, fallow bucks, nimble chamois, wild boar, feral goats and Arapawa wild rams.  Take in the North Island as well, and you can hunt sika, rusa and sambar deer.  We also offer a wide range of other activities so you can experience more of our beautiful country while you are here.  It’s easy to see why one visit is usually not enough!

At Kiwi Safaris our objective is simple – to provide you with the best possible New Zealand hunting experience, and do it better than anyone else.  We have a track record of over 20 seasons, so join us for the hunt of a lifetime down under!  Please call Colin or Rodie on +64 3 357 4445 or contact us for more information.


There is no difficulty in bringing conventional sporting rifles into New Zealand. Please note that handguns and military style firearms can not be brought into the country for hunting purposes. A Firearms Licence and Import Permit are available at the port of entry into the country. Documentation
can be obtained from us prior to your hunt regarding the importation of your firearms into New Zealand. There is no paperwork required for bringing
a bow into New Zealand.

Most shots are between 100-300 yards on big game so any of the 7mm or .300 magnums are ideal. If you wish to use our firearms we have a number of 7mm Remington magnums, available for no extra cost.

Bow Hunting

Kiwi Safaris attracts more bow hunters than any other New Zealand outfitter. This is reflected in the SCI Bow Hunting Record Book, where currently Kiwi Safaris holds 9 of the top 10 placings for bull tahr.

text image1In May of 2006, the Rick Valdez party took 3 free range trophy bull tahr with the bow in 1 day, a feat never achieved by any other New Zealand hunting company before or since.

Donald Van De Steene with his 46 and 5/8ths SCI tahr held number 1 placing followed by Gary Hunsicker, Julian Nicholson, Byron Sadler and Bill MacCarty.

We encourage our bow hunters to come early in the season, from late February through to May - as the days are longer, the game is more settled and the access is excellent to our properties at that time of year.

We use the spot and stalk method of hunting. All our bow-hunting guides carry laser range finders and typically shots are between 25-40 yards. We use and strongly recommend the Raven in arrow tracking system

You just load your arrows with the transmitter units before you leave home, we have the reciever unit in camp and are fully conversant with it's use.

Access to all our hunting areas is by 4x4 vehicles and hunting is carried out on foot. Even on our tahr and chamois properties, we don’t need to use helicopters for access.

 Bow Hunting clients of Kiwi Safaris have taken every species in the South Pacific apart from the whitetail with the bow, and we have helped a number of hunters to achieve their Diamond levels for SCI.

Check out the SCI Bow Hunting Record Book and find out why so many bow hunters choose Kiwi Safaris New Zealand as their preferred outfitter for the South Pacific.


Remember that New Zealand seasons are opposite to those in the Northern Hemisphere; summer in the USA is winter in New Zealand.

Clothing should be for cool to cold conditions, which may include rain and snow - especially during May, June and July. Boots must have a good rubber tread sole, or deep cleats, be broken in and preferably waterproof. It is essential regardless of the month of the year to bring good lightweight windproof rain gear as the weather can change at any time.


A lot of our hunting is conducted in open alpine country, where animals can often be seen at long distances. It is important you bring a good set of
binoculars for spotting game. Our guides carry spotting scopes and range finders.


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